image Self Portrait
image Vortex
image (sold) Pockets of Tension
image The Many Faces of Roscoe
image Roscoe's Feminine Side
image (sold) Eggplant Paramecium
image I can't get my mother-in-law out of my head!
image Andy's Egg
image Swirls
image Circular Logic
image Untitled

About Bettie

BETTIE BARNES (a.k.a. Quiltaholic) has worked in a variety of media including clay, wood, found objects, fabric and thread. Bettie obtained her BA in Art with a focus in sculpture.  She started out with traditional sculpture and moved on to found object pieces. In the mid 90's she transitioned into fabric.

Bettie is interested in the interaction between color and texture. Her quilts utilize bright fabrics, whimsy and a sense of humor. Read more...

Roscoe's Garden #2 Quilt by Bettie Barnes